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Hotel concepts find true success when they align to the expectations and talents of their hosts. That’s why we have been holistically developing and marketing distinctive brands for the bon vivant hotelier for 10 years.

Hospitality brands we've had the pleasure of developing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy: 


Three brands, one umbrella brand

Fine tavern cuisine in the MEIER Hilzhofen


 your soulful hotel

SILENA, your soulful hotel in Vals, South Tyrol


The quietest hideaway 

Wellness hotel Dolomites in Brixen - Forestis Dolomites

HIO. The field...

...cooks. Dining in Hilzhofen.  

HIO - the field cooks. Dining in Hilzhofen.


Are you ready to set your spirit free?

Exterior facade FREIgeist Göttingen city center - modern, cool and casual


Easygoing bed & breakfast

Exterior view of Hotel Castel Rundegg: A retreat in the middle of the city, noble, elegant and lovingly cared for down to the smallest detail. There is an impressive garden park all around.


North Sea hideaway and spa

Lundenbergsand Hideaway & Spa - North Sea wellness hotel in a beautiful secluded location with a lighthouse spa and sea view sauna.


 The slow farm hotel

Exterior view of MEA VIA - the slow farm hotel, South Tyrol.


Castle romance in Merano

Exterior view of Hotel Castel Rundegg: A retreat in the middle of the city, noble, elegant and lovingly cared for down to the smallest detail.


 Luxury Holiday Homes

SENHOOG design country houses: Luxurious living space with a guarantee of relaxation.


The #1 hotel for the art of living

Modern and stylish interior in the Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana, South Tyrol.

Zum lachenden Hans

Tschirp & Chill

The hosts of Zum Lachenden Hans - the bistro and deli with a guest garden and shop in Ebbs.

Everything begins with the host. Their vision is the starting point.


We work together with our clients to bring their ideas to life, guided by each project’s individual needs and our seven step philosophy:



It all starts here. With you. How you think, lead and implement. 


  • Business Coaching
  • Search for investors and operators
  • HR Concept
  • Recruitment Marketing



The more unique the concept development, the greater the uptake. 


  • Actual analysis
  • Best Practice
  • Vision and Mission
  • Target Group Definition
  • Brand Strategy
  • Employer Branding
  • Concepts (F&B, Spa, Architecture. Activities, Sustainability, Seminars, Events etc.)
  • Corporate Design
  • Corporate Language
  • Architecture pitch

Number crunching


The basis for successful management. 


  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Support
  • Pricing
  • Funding
  • Monitoring & Reporting



A smooth workflow creates efficiency behind the scenes. 


  • Business Development
  • Business Workflows
  • Digitalization
  • Tools (PMS, POS System, Internet Booking Engine (IBE), Channel Manager, Vouchers, Newsletter, Customer-Relationship-Management etc.)



Turnover is guaranteed with direct and indirect sales. 


  • Sales Strategy
  • Travel Agents



Selecting the proper channels is essential for high booking rates.


  • Visualizations
  • Communication concept
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Monthly Marketing Support
  • Text
  • Graphic
  • Shooting
  • Website
  • Online Marketing (Social Media, Blogger, Influencer, SEA, SEO, Display Advertising, Portal Management, Newsletter etc.)
  • Offline Marketing (Printed Material, Advertising Material, Advertisements etc.)
  • Cooperations
  • CRM Concept
  • Awards



Only through carefully selected details can a brand become a multi-dimensional experience. 


  • Brand Space
  • Fragrance and Music Concept
  • Guidance Systems
  • Team Wear

The creative minds that make it happen: 

Isabelle Spoor

Founder, concept development 

unikateur team member: Isabelle Spoor. Founder, concept development.

Nicole Brodmeier

Business development, feasibility studies

unikateur team member: Nicole Brodmeier. Business development, feasibility studies.

Jana Enders

Branding, communications

unikateur team member: Jana Enders. Branding, communications.

Alexandra Goldhahn

Senior conception, product development

unikateur team member: Alexandra Goldhahn. Senior conception, product development.

Johanna Mittelberger

Online marketing, commercialisation

unikateur team member: Johanna Mittelberger. Online marketing, commercialisation.

Susanne Staudinger

Social content creation, illustration

unikateur team member: Susanne Staudinger. Social content creation, illustration.

Anna Rosenke

Concept preparation, research

unikateur team member: Anna Rosenke. Concept preparation, research.

Sandra Weber

Office organization, accounting

unikateur team member: Sandra Weber. Office organization, accounting.

Ready to give a unique edge to your project? To equip your hotel with a strong positioning? 



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...and for those curious minds who still have questions, here are some thoughts:

What are exceptional hotels?

By exceptional hotels we mean hotels that are "in harmony". In harmony with the ambiance that brings a hotel to life. With the hosts, whose vision is transformed into a successful business that meets everyday needs. With the guests, who take home unforgettable experiences and memories. – In exceptional hotels, all three aspects have been holistically planned and implemented. In our experience at least one of the three is often not where it should be, and that’s where we step in to provide the necessary support.

How does exceptionality happen?

Anyone who is authentic is unique. Even if authenticity has been used perhaps a bit too freely in recent years: it reveals how much each person differs from the next. It’s exactly the same with hotels. Distinctive features and a sense of unmatched character have always led, now more than ever, to high occupancy, media presence and a reputation as a must-visit destination.

What makes a good hotel brand?

There are so many hotels, but only a select few identify as a "brand". How does a brand come to be? It starts with a good idea, and most importantly with a solid understanding of "why". The desire to become the best host or to carry a family business through another generation is simply not enough. Certain prequisites, namely corporate design, a language concept and solidification of core values must be in place for a hotel to develop into a brand. This is what drives business.

City vs. countryside: what’s the difference?

Is there a difference in brand development between city and countryside concepts? The short answer is yes. But it’s not only the setting that makes the difference. It’s the direction, concept and strategy of the hotel. Taking these elements into account, the hoteliers can achieve a faster understanding of the themes they want to work with: Perhaps an oasis in the city, or an all-ages co-living farm concept in the countryside? There are many factors to take into account to form a coherent concept. 

It's easy when beginning with a new building, but...

... how can an existing hotel stand out from the competition with minimal effort and cost, and at the same time keep up with an ever-evolving industry?  

Storytelling is on everyone's lips, and in today’s market stories simply must be told. Sure, it’s possible to stand out on paper — but the concept itself should always have a magnetic quality to it before good and real stories come out of it. Buildings that are already standing simply need to dig a bit deeper, they require more ingenuity and better orchestration than new buildings. Yet they can also be faster and cheaper to get started. 

Holistic marketing? i.e.:

We are dedicated to the hospitality industry and tackling its challenges from the ground up, using concept formation as a launching point. We believe that hoteliers are the foundation of a successful hotel brand, one that attracts the right guests and is at the same time a desirable place to work. With our holistic approach we address concepts in their entirety: bringing a business into a strong state of health by treating individual symptoms is just not our thing. 

"Better entrepreneurs"?!

Finance gurus might not excel at handling complaints, master chefs might not make the best writers, a skilled salesperson’s forte might not be inventory management, and so on. We balance out strengths and weaknesses of everyday business in a resolute and effective manner. Comparing needs with existing skillsets on a case by case basis helps to understand where further training on our part can come into play and where certain activities are better off delegated.

How big is your firm?

We are a leading boutique agency whose core team takes part in multiple, individually assembled project teams. Using this approach, we are able to ensure a dynamic, efficient and distinctive service to our clients with a single point of contact. 

Who’s behind it all...?

Our management team has been successfully providing consulting services to clients for over a decade, working exclusively with hospitality concepts. Years of experience are backed by an in-depth knowledge of the numbers that drive our industry. 

Each of our projects is managed by a core team. Our concept developer began his journey in hotel management studies, and from there moved on to gain extensive experience in various 5* hotel establishments, ran a premium boutique hotel, and used his expertise to oversee the opening of many companies.  

Our marketing and communications expert has been developing brands for over 15 years, enjoying a diverse career working for prestigious companies both at the local and international level. Our digital marketing specialist brings a comprehensive knowledge of online hotel marketing to the table, in addition to marketing automation and software. 

The management team is rounded out by our sales specialist, who has successfully positioned numerous luxury city hotels and holiday resorts around the world and has a global sales network at her disposal. 

What role does sustainability play?

An extremely important one. Similar to a holistic medicine approach, we do not view hospitality industry challenges from a purely symptomatic perspective, but rather from a causative one. Today’s shortage of skilled workers is not only a concern for our existing clients, but also for us. Experience shows that employer branding was in demand long before Covid. Having a strong brand helps to find and keep good employees. The current employee market situation inspires us more than ever to think holistically and come up with effective solutions.

And perhaps it goes without saying that today’s sustainable ways of thinking and acting — economically, ecologically and socially — are reason enough to build a following of quality-conscious guests now and for all future generations to come. 

Do you have any references?

You can find a small selection of the hotel and restaurant brands on our website that we have developed across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The rest of the extraordinary concepts we’ve created (can you tell we love what we do?), from urban lifestyle houses to chalets, will also be featured on our site soon. That said, taking care of our existing and potential new clients is always our top priority.

Do you know how to be bold and daring, too? ;-)

... let’s rephrase: your website is filled with relaxing mountain and seaside retreats — do you work with concepts outside of this framework? 

We do! The visionaries set the tone here. We help each host’s idea come to life using our seven step philosophy, and base it around their individual needs and what aspects of hospitality are missing.   

Have you worked on any international projects?

Our current clients are spread from the island of Rügen on Germany’s northern coast down to Lake Garda in Italy. We’d love to hear from you, even if you’re not from the area.

Do star ratings still count for something?

The more guests develop an awareness of their own individuality, the more they seek out unique character and branding in their travel stays. In recent years, star ratings have not delivered on their promises and their criteria haven’t kept up with evolving market trends, causing trust in them to decline. Today, it is the hospitality providers themselves along with the physical spaces and memorable experiences they offer that hold more importance than star ratings.

I’ve never worked with a strategic planning office before. What does a collaboration of this kind look like?

We are currently working on a case study that will soon be available on our website to give you an idea of the process. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us for a commitment-free initial consult and estimate of your project. 

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